Math is a wonderfully complex enigma. It has so much to offer the world, but the world openly hates every mention of its name. To truly understand math is to accept it and take the time to get to know it properly. But no one has the time for that so here we are.

Music is simple. It makes people feel every emotion on the spectrum and we still push for more. It moves us, shapes us, and surrounds us. The world takes the time to understand music because the world sees it as something worth knowing. People pay attention to music as a pastime and an addition to daily life. Music does not take brain power to understand its purpose.

Until now.

Music is a medium with which we present our world and I am here today to use it to explain mathematics. Fractals, Chaos Theory, Fourier Series, Fibonacci’s Sequence, Modular Arithmetic, and Symmetries can all be expressed through music. This music can then be used to explain those concepts. The purpose of this paper is to explain how music can explain these complex topics and, hopefully, to increase your knowledge on mathematics, music, or both. Math is a big beautiful world and I am here to show it to you.

Played by Liv Long

My name is Liv Long, and I am a mathematics major at Roanoke College. I am from York, Pennsylvania, I have two sisters, three dogs, and I play six instruments. I hate it when people say that they hate math and I think that if I can change how a single person looks at math based on what they find on this website, then I have achieved my goal. I have worked very hard to make this website all it can be and I hope that you will enjoy.

All music and recordings on this site are yours to enjoy and use for the sake of mathematical or musical exploration!